So how many gallons of Freon does your fridge have?

Just a brief post for today.

I am currently reading another good work from Bill Bryson – “Notes from a small Island”. It’s about his experiences in Britain somewhere in 1994. I’m not yet done with it, but I found this part so comically true that I couldn’t resist myself from writing about it before finishing the book. So here’s in the author’s own words:

I hate driving cars and I hate thinking about cars and I hate talking about cars. I especially hate it when you get a new car and go in the pub because somebody will always start quizzing you about it, which I dread because I don’t even understand the questions.

‘So you’ve got a new car, huh?’ they’ll say. ‘How’s it drive?’

You see, I’m lost already. ‘Well, like a car. Why, have you never been in one?’

And then they start peppering you with questions. ‘What sort of mileage you get? How many litres? What’s the torque? Got twin overhead cams or double-barrelled alternator-cum-carburettorwith a full pike and a double-twist dismount?’ I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would want to know all this shit about a machine. You don’t take that kind of interest in anything else. I always want to say: ‘Hey, I hear you’ve got a new refrigerator. How many gallons of freon does that baby hold? What’s its BTU rating? How’s it cool?”

P.S. I can relate to this – I also have no clue why people go crazy discussing about a car when there are so many other things to talk about (or keep quiet about)! And for those who feel strongly about both cars and refrigerators, here’s something to amuse you –


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