A fresh start

It’s very easy to stop doing something but it’s very difficult to restart. No-one has perfected the technique of restarting like Microsoft but if you look at it, life also works best with that technique – when some things start taking a toll on your precious resources (the brain and the body), you just need to stop and give life a fresh start. And so here I am, starting again to write by kicking off the inertia of rest but the force behind it is not external, defying Newton’s law to some extent. It is something forcing from within, to put the thoughts on the proverbial paper, before the mind explodes from keeping so much data inside and not being able to provide enough memory space for new thoughts which keep coming without a care about where they will be put!

Enough of the philosophy. So without boring you much with this, let me introduce my blog to you. The “Reflections on the river” blog is going to be the place where I would put across the thoughts which cross my mind when I see some things, meet people or simply contemplate, kind of like the things reflected on a flowing river. So here’s to a fresh start, with the fresh wine – the “Federweisser” from Germany! There’s a lot more to come and in a very short time, for now the flood gates have opened. So stay tuned..


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