Fascinating old world

I have been watching some BBC costume dramas these days, thanks to youtube, upon recommendations by an Irish colleague of mine, and the rest explored on my own.

I can’t help but feel once again how incredible the evolution of Europe seems from the middle ages to the twentieth century!
For instance then the women dressed in so many layers of clothes and men in weird tights! The rampant illnesses, the fashions to hide the effects of illnesses, the difficulties of living, the problems created by deaths, the superstitions, the class-distinctions (ok, they exist now too but may be in a different form) –  there were so many strange things which seem to be unbelievable in the present day and time. Probably when people from the future would read the history of the 21st century, they would find this time weird. But that’s not for me to write – someone existing at that time would do that job.

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