Fighting Demons

It’s been quite a while since I posted something – but that was not due to lack of time, it was more due to a lack of inspiration. There were some other things too but I am not going to make any excuses.
Now, coming to the topic at hand, I’ve been observing people for some time and I found that each and every one of us seems to have some or the other demon to fight against. “Demon” not always in the physical sense but sometimes in terms of memories of our past or the thought process in the present.
I wonder if we could calculate the amount of negative energy generated or rather put it this way – the amount of energy that is pulled out from us in the process, then would that be a surprise or a shock? I am counting on the latter.
                 So what do we do about it? I would have said earlier to take it by the horns and handle it. That needs some energy too but once tackled, you won’t be wasting any more on it. It’s easier said than done – for mind is a complex organ and doesn’t forget bad things easily (though it forgets good things very soon!). Probably that’s the evolutionary process to keep the memories of bad things intact, to prepare us to tackle a similar situation. But in doing so, sometimes it is not always for our best. I mean it’s one thing to keep the memory of a lion attacking you and you finding a way to fight back – which would have been the situation when humans were hunter/gatherers. But in the modern world, it is more a matter of what is an individual’s definition of a bad memory. So there can be no guideline about it.
          One would wish there was a way to have a selective memory – a way to remember only what you wanted to and forget the rest – and some people are able to do that. But for the rest of us, I feel that whatever the size of one’s “demon”, there is another way – to let go. Not forgetting but not letting it affect you anymore either…so that you can sleep peacefully. Not letting go would mean that you are clinging on to it even when it’s a non-material thing – like clinging on to space! Again, it is easier said than done but it is definitely possible. We all can’t become ascetics and renounce the world but we all can definitely find a way to live better in the world that we have and I feel “let go” would be the first step towards it.
On that note, I would end this post and leave you with your thoughts. May be watching this clip would make you understand more what I mean.


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