Catching up

The last few months have been quite crazy and in between everything else, I also got to go to Germany. A travel on a really short notice – with receiving the visa in the evening of a Wednesday and flying out at night.
Now this was the first time I was there in winter – the temperature was -4 degrees when I reached. Cold enough for someone coming from a 30 degrees zone!
Usually when I am there, weekdays are hectic and there’s no time to even get the thought of being bored. But weekends are another thing and I don’t spend my weekends sitting in the hotel room. But this time it was too cold for me to venture out for “discoveries of new lands” (excuse my using the term frivolously, but for me visiting a new place is akin to discovery of new land). So in that sense, I feel a kind of sense of loss – you know the feeling of time flying by and you not tagging it with something that you feel important?

Nonetheless, I had a chance to add some experiences, thanks to my friends C and D (details in the next post). They always take so much care of me when I’m there, that despite being there all by myself, I don’t feel lonely in a foreign land! Friendships like that – where there are no expectations – just simple enjoyment of the fact that we are together at some point in the space-time continuum, make life a bit easier!

So back to the log. With all the snow around, I was not sure what to do except stay in the room but it was quite difficult to do nothing. And sometimes the internet was also not working which was an added misery. But thankfully one day at the supermarket, I found canvas, colors and brushes. And voila! I found a way to keep myself occupied!!
I’d been craving for letting out the creative energy – which hadn’t found an outlet for quite a while and was making me restless – so this appearance of material was quite well-timed. Now I am no Picasso or Von Gogh but I guess even if there’s an iota of creativity inside anyone, something beautiful can be materialized.

So here are the outcomes of my restlessness. These were my first ventures of acrylic on canvas. The one above was a gift to D and the one below to D. I hope they find a suitable place in their homes for these!

In the next post I’ll give more details of the new things that I did in this trip. Hope it’s only a short break between the two posts :). Until then, here’s some food for thought: if time-travel were possible, what point in time would you like to go to?


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