Time & Timelessness

Ah finally I could login to blogger and here’s the first post in the year 2013. After Diwali, there has been so much activity that I was just not sure what I was doing anymore. There was no time to do any creative thing which is a bit disconcerting for me. All I could do was this painting during Diwali vacation.

After that neither had there been any creative impulse nor any time to do anything interesting. But now as things are settling down back in routine, I think I might get back to doing something outside of the mundane – beginning with this post.
So coming back to the topic of time, I was just reading some essay, the topic of which I can’t recall, but it said something about something happening two million years ago.That got me thinking that the same number will hold true for quite a long time and no text books need to be corrected, because what difference can you make out between 2 million and on adding even a 1000 to 2 million?
So basically, the absoluteness of time is less precise the farther you go from the present. And you can go only in the past because for future, it is a bit difficult to think of something that could happen, even say 4000 years later!
And then there’s a way to look at time through a child’s eye. The younger they are the less distant their definition is. Here’s an excerpt of one of my conversations with a toddler:
Me – Where are you going?
Kid – America
Me – When will you come back?
Kid – Tomorrow!

Then when they are growing up, they want the time to fly! Ever checked with a kid how old he/she was? And the answer would be “4 years and 7 months” or in March, you might hear “I will be 5 years old in November”. They are in such a hurry to grow up thinking that the elders are having all the fun! Alas, how mistaken they are!
And here I am, wondering when and where did all the time fly ? Remember the rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland” who says, “I’m late I’m late I’m late. No time to say hello, goodbye, I’m late I’m late I’m late!” ?

Hope that the time slows down a little bit in the new year to savor the beautiful moments of life!


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