Cause and Effect

When I look at the world around me, it seems everyone is sad about something or the other. But the closer I look, I find that people are sad only because they have certain expectations from others and the others don’t fulfill those expectations!
I can, for example, understand a handicapped person complaining about the injustice done to him by God when he cannot do certain activities on his own. But I don’t understand when people with no handicaps, and possessing every material thing which one might need to lead a comfortable life, and with enough stamina to take care of themselves, are inflicting sadness upon themselves by complaining about what the others -children, parents, relatives, friends etc. are not doing for them!
These are the things that puzzle me. Why can’t people be happy by themselves? What is it that stops them from focusing on the good things that they have in life? Why is it always someone else’s fault that one is not happy?
I’m not above it – I also feel sad sometimes when things are not going as expected but then I remind myself that I am responsible for my happiness. A lot of things will happen everyday – some may be good, some not so good, but it depends on the reaction to them that will determine whether one is happy or sad. Leave expectations aside and I am sure that happiness will find its way to your heart.


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