Extra Button

Today I looked at that extra button that’s sewn on inside the shirt at the side, which the manufacturer provides, lest you might lose one during the life of the shirt and can’t find a matching one. More often than not, that button is just left there – new and unused and yet, gets discarded with the shirt when the shirt itself becomes useless for you.
        This made me think of life itself. There are so many things which have been given to us to be made use of and we ignore them, and then suddenly it’s time to go away. And those things, like that extra button, just go away when we go – we worn out like that shirt and the button still new. It could be as if they had never even existed! What a waste!
        I don’t know yet what to do with those things that I came packaged with and which are yet left unopened, untouched, unexplored! I don’t know how to keep them from going to waste, how to make use of them before time is over. But first of all to find those things, probably I will have to look inside like I looked at that shirt! Sounds like a difficult task but then what would be the fun if there is no difficulty? Time to introspect!


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