Ice Age 4: Continental Drift

Well…alright..I saw the first day first show of the movie and didn’t write about it then.So far, in this year, the run of movies has been so good except for one, that I wasn’t sure if it was for real!
Nonetheless, here I am – with the recap of my movie experience.
It was a local public festival and many people at my work place were taking the day off. So I also took off and celebrated the festival by going for the movie which had just released that day :-).
And I am glad that the movie was fantastic and my taking the day off was not in vain.
                   So here’s the gang – Manny, Ellie, Sid and Diego along with the teenager Peaches (daughter of Mannie & Ellie) which now has to survive yet another event of earth’s history – the formation of continents!
And in the journey of getting separated and being reunited, Sid gets a granny and Diego gets a mate – Shira!
(Looks like in animation world, this is the year of the cats – first we are introduced to Gia in Madagascar 🙂 and now Shira in Ice Age).
                   In addition, there is this villain – Captain Gutt – who is a pirate! He is ferocious, dangerous, makes even tigers obey him and all this despite just being an ape – alright a giant one! And guess what he uses as a flag for his pirate ship…a Bengali badger named “Gupta”! Alright why I find it hilarious is not just because it’s an animal who has to climb up the flag pole and hang horizontally like a flag, but also because  it is a very common surname in North India – some of my relatives also have that as their surname :-)!!
                              All in all, it was a fun movie to watch.The 3D effects were good, the story was good and the comic timing was perfect. I might have believed that the movie was being played just for me – because of my seat – it was exactly in the middle with nobody in front of me to block the view.                  
It was a perfectly spent morning followed by a good lunch at a restaurant which has recently become my favorite.
Later I met my friend and her family for the festival – which was like the icing on the cake :-).
By the way, if you haven’t yet seen the movie – you are missing something – so don’t wait – just go.

“There IS a rainbow around every corner”….Sid


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