Any answers? Revisited..

Long ago I’d written about some characters from the epics that I have grown up with, which had put some questions in my mind. Any Answers

And today the thoughts came back again about some more interesting stories from the epics.
           To begin with, I was wondering about the carriers/vehicles of various Gods. While a giant bird as a mode of transport still makes sense, but having a rat for a vehicle – that too for a God who has been given an elephant’s head, seems strange at first glance. What could have been the purpose behind such an arrangement? Was it just the author’s humorous side showing up or was it for something deeper like symbolizing the fact that in this universe, the big and the small co-exist and there is a dependency?
          Another story that brings up my antennas of curiosity tuned in is that of Dushyant and Shakuntala. How’s it possible that Dushyant forgot Shakuntala just because of the curse of a sage? Wouldn’t it be more interesting to think of a possibility that they had advanced techniques like mind neuralizers in those days (like in MIB) – and the sage had used that on Dushyant for some reason? Wow..that would have been so interesting – with the possibility of reversing the effect too – with that “ring” which brought back Dushyant’s memory being a remote controlled device? 
                        Then think of the interesting weapons that the great warriors had. Some of them were arrows with names like Aagneyastra, Varunastra, Nagastra and the effects being creating flames, creating water showers and bringing out snakes respectively. Doesn’t it make one wonder if they could have been some equivalent of modern day missiles? The science must have been really advanced in those days if these were real and not just a figment of imagination! It would be so wonderful if one could differentiate between imagination and reality – though where to draw the line would be quite a tricky thing! What was one person’s imagination at one point of time, became the reality at another time – don’t believe me, then see the aeroplanes, the computers, the space exploration – the list would be huge!
                        I could go on but a friend had once told me that most people lose interest if a blog-post is too long. And since my intention is not to bore you but to stimulate your thoughts, so will stop here and write more in subsequent posts. Until next..think and if such ideas have come to your mind too, then please share via comments.

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