To what end?

There are so many things in life that we think about as to “what if it that went differently than how it happened as I know it?”. And there are no answers because we don’t have the vision of Griffin (of MIB3) to check out the parallel realities! In that sense, it reaffirms the feeling that you are living a pre-scripted story, contrary to what so many people say that you make your own destiny. It’s quite confusing because your life is influenced by so many external factors on which you have no control – e.g. where you are born, where you studied (or not studied), who came into your life as family and friends and so many other things. And then the part where  you seem to be making your decisions – from picking up a piece of clothing to eating or working or anything else where there are choices. I said “seem to be” because that again sometimes looks to me as predetermined what you would choose – like a programming of your brain so that the outcomes would be the same as what has been pre-scripted – which would be called the story of your life!
                           And then there is this interesting thing called brain – which makes you feel that you are unraveling some kind of secret about life and purpose, and it goes into this kind of mode especially when you are sitting at home down with cold (or like some who were sitting in jail where there was nothing else to do either) and have the paper to pen down the thoughts (literally or metaphorically, doesn’t matter).
                    Despite what I may say or do or write, the fact remains that you cannot stay without any action – you have to make a choice – to do or not to do something, to think or not to think, to fight or not to fight, to end or not to end! So I will end this thought now, because it’s going nowhere and putting me in an endless loop like the figure 8 – it is not clear where’s the beginning and where’s the end !

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