Through the looking glass

Observing the world around me, I can’t help but get drawn into the things people hold dear and into things that inspire them. There are some, for whom things that many might consider insignificant are sufficient while for some, despite having everything in the material sense, there is something always amiss. Is that a missing inspiration or some unfulfilled aspiration? Why are people not happy? Is it one of those bugs which came out of Pandora’s box which bites people and then people can’t be happy anymore? Or it simply depends upon the disposition of the people? Isn’t it always easier to blame it on someone else, rather than taking responsibility of one’s own happiness.
                  It’s also very easy to believe in the theory that someone else will bring you happiness. And then be disappointed when what you expected from the other person didn’t happen. Instead, why don’t people take care that THEY are not disappointing someone  – I believe, that will solve most of the problem. If you make someone else happy, then doesn’t that make you happy too – and thereby proving the hypothesis that you are responsible for your happiness? But the more I see around, the more I see people blaming others for them not being happy – I am not excluding myself from that game.
                However, I have started to keep myself aware and giving myself a reminder whenever I am getting into that negative zone. It’s an interesting exercise to observe oneself rather than others, though quite a difficult one – after all most of our lives we have been ignoring to observe ourselves, and old habits die hard. It’s quite ironic that we are interested in looking at ourselves at every opportunity, in the looking glass regarding the outward appearance but not the least bit interested in looking inside. That thought itself of looking inwards,  makes us nervous for the fear that we might not be what we think ourselves or others think us to be! But once you delve into it, it would be interesting to find how deep the rabbit hole goes! 
          “She generally gave herself very good advice, (though she very seldom followed it).”….Lewis Carroll


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