The Perfect Saturday

I don’t know what else to call it if not a perfect day :-).

             The morning started well. After having the more elaborate weekend cleaning of the home, I was free by 8 AM.Then it was around 8:15 when I thought of booking a ticket online – and found that the online booking had closed. So made a quick but nice breakfast of dosas and tea, so as to be able to get ready and go directly to the cinema to get the ticket. 
             Reached the cinema about 20 minutes before the movie time to find a long queue, wasn’t sure if I’d get it – but luckily most of the people in the queue wanted the tickets for the newly released Telugu movie “Eega”. So upon my turn, I easily got the ticket for the movie I wanted to see – “The Amazing Spiderman”. You can see the trailer below after you finish reading my story :-)..
            I won’t give any spoilers case you are planning to go see it – but a piece of advice – go with the mind of going to watch a new movie – not a prequel or a sequel. The special effects are nice, the stunts are nice, the actors are nice and most importantly  – the story is interesting (reminded me of the old Hindi blockbuster Mr. India at some point 😉 ). I watched in 3-D but I guess if you watch in 2-D also, it won’t make much of a difference, except for a few scenes. 
(And ya met a colleague there who’d come to watch Eega, and later a little girl who’d come with her dad and little brother to watch the movie – and I wondered if those small kids would have been interested in it – but then kids these days are much more mature than from old times :-))
              Since I’d had popcorn and a cold drink during the interval – something which I’d done after a reeeeeeeeeeally long time, so wasn’t hungry when I came out though it was my usual lunch time. There’s this nice bookshop in the same mall and like always, it beckoned me – my feet just take me there – something like when you want to go home while riding a bicycle or driving a vehicle – you don’t need the mind to tell you the way to home – you just reach.
                  So there I was in the bookstore and found a really funny book – a young Bangalorean entrepreneur’s story  – a guy named Varun Agarwal who started his own company called “Almamater”, at 23 with his friend – overcoming every prejudiced advice that he got from his family and family’s friends! I really liked his narrative and also got to know some interesting slangs that Bangalore youngsters use :-). Found two more interesting books and also some stationery that I’d been looking for since many days.
             Having finished the purchases there, I was not sure what to do. But then my stomach reminded me that it’d been 3 hours since the popcorn , so I went down to a new restaurant – I’d seen it several times before and it looked inviting, but had never been inside until today. And since the day was perfect, the decision of choosing that restaurant was also right :-). It serves fusion cuisine, at least that’s what it said at it’s entrance and had pictures of pastas etc. displayed. So I was not sure what I’d get. Now was my time to be happily surprised. Why? Because yesterday night, I’d seen some advertisement of a place for Mediterranean cuisine – falafel etc. and it was too far to go so I’d dismissed it from my mind although I like that cuisine.
And there it was – on the menu here – falafel in pita with salad and french fries on the side – perfect – isn’t it!
Ordered that without second thoughts and it tasted really good! The mocha also tasted great and thus ended my small but satisfying luncheon. (I am thinking of going there next for breakfast too someday).
                  What next? Then I just did some more looking around at the shops, and then the usual – grocery store. I am glad that I went there – because I met an adorable toddler there who must’ve been one or one and a half years old. What was she doing? She was carrying a small brinjal in her hand and instructing anyone who would listen – with may be some recipe – in her kiddo language. I can’t call that gobbledegook because if I don’t understand a language doesn’t mean it isn’t meaningful :-). She was so adorable, vehemently giving instructions, that I had a mental image flashing by of her being the youngest “master-chef” :-).
      Coming out from there and seeing the time, I returned home. It’s so amazing that while you are out of home, you can keep going on but as soon as you reach home and kick-off your shoes, you just feel exhausted – the amount of time that you were out doesn’t matter!
Thus I ended my day out and now after having tea and some dinner, I started writing this. This is also over.
So I guess I have convinced you too that it was indeed a perfect day. Hoping for more such lovely days and leaving you to enjoy this trailer – adios!

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