Overcoming fear

As I sat musing today, I realized that the greatest fear that a human being can overcome is the fear of societal criticism – a name that I have decided fits “what will people think (or say) if I do this” syndrome.
Let me explain. One can be afraid of ghosts, animals, heights, darkness, wind, fire, water – basically anything that you can think of. But all those are kind of tangible things (yes, some people claim to have seen the ghost…so that also I will put in the tangible category). And in general, people help their friends / family members overcome their fears.
                       Now think about the fear of the society. We are so afraid of the thoughts of the people about ourselves, that it’s almost impossible for us to think of doing something that is not the normal trend. We nip the thought in the proverbial bud itself. And the strange thing is – no-one seems to want to help you overcome that. How many parents would have taught their children that it is alright to think differently – at least I don’t know of anyone in my acquaintances. One is always told to fit-in – since childhood till death.
                     But please, don’t get me wrong – I am not talking of things/thoughts that harm other human beings. I am just talking of subtle things in life which you are afraid of, for example – enjoying a movie by yourself. I used to find it really strange when some acquaintances have asked me how could I go alone to watch a movie – they seem to think I am weird and I couldn’t understand why. But now I know – they suffer from that aforementioned syndrome. I have told them how much fun it is to watch a good movie uninterrupted by discussions in between, but somehow they don’t have the courage to try it out. And the funny thing is – we worry more about those people who don’t even know us!!
                What people don’t understand is that being in that state of fear is making them miss out on so many beautiful experiences of life – why not live life as you find fit, as long as it is not harming anyone? And then also a word of caution about those so called “well-wishers” who discourage you from doing what your heart desires..I understand that they are concerned but then they could be imposing their fears on you – go and make your own experiences of life using your own sense and sensibilities!

2 thoughts on “Overcoming fear

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  1. Enjoyed reading this.
    You have put it the right way… What people don't understand is that being in that state of fear is making them miss out on so many beautiful experiences of life.
    There are very few who has come out of this fear, and frankly speaking they live a life of drudgery.


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