The Joker, Clown or Fool?

What is a Joker?
Today someone mentioned “Joker” in reference to some authors who are generally considered great writers. And though at that time I gave my definition of a joker but now I am not sure of whom would I think of as a joker. Someone who makes jokes (funny person) or someone whose life is one big joke (loser)? Someone who has some deep meanings behind his jokes (comedian) or someone just dressed up in colorful clothes & masks, and doing silly things to make kids laugh (clown)? Or is it someone like in the parlance of playing cards – one who has the trump power or one to be just basically omitted?
May be the best fit would be what we call the “fool” – borrowing the name from the tarot card deck! If so, then all of us are ultimately jokers – in the comedy or the circus of life – whatever you prefer! Sounds offensive? Just think a bit more deeply – what else are we doing except wearing masks and dancing stupidly to some tunes? And probably someone above is enjoying the show!
                       If the above revelation doesn’t have any impact on you, well and good. But if you are feeling depressed about this, then it’s time to go and watch what other jokers are doing (news channels should provide enough material for that) and the feeling will just pass!
Until another meaning comes to your mind, keep dancing – for there is no other option 🙂 !



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