Men In Black – 3

So, MIB 3 – what to do about it? Go watch it, if you haven’t already done so! It’s hilarious..
Will Smith shines as usual. And I just got to thinking – what would have happened if Jackie Chan and Will Smith had joined forces?  I guess we’d have had a comedy experience of epic proprotions! I wonder why they didn’t do that!
Coming back to MIB – 3, well the movie has all those yucky, creepy things as before but there is a special twist this time – time travel and a well-kept secret. Some weepy, mushy stuff too – but the entertainment is complete. You would laugh involuntarily, as effortlessly as Will Smith times his comedy. Tommy Lee Jones with his stone like expression as before, which would make you think as if he’d had a botox job done on his face! Emma Thompson – you could wish for more – wonder why the film makers didn’t think of that! And then there’s Boris the Animal – who turns around the world (ok..time).
My verdict – watch it. I did see it in 3-D and cringed at things flying at me. So the effects are good. Go for it.

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