Using a tablet

The first experience of writing a post using a tablet is quite overwhelming. I guess it will take a while to get used to the small screen and a virtual keyboard. But it is going to be fun. If we look at the journey from the huge mainframes to the PCs to laptops and now the tablets, it seems we need some evolution of human body to be able to get some features that would let us see better and use our fingers to be able to operate smaller and smaller devices! So it would seem that the next evolution will not be triggerd by the forces of nature but by man-made things! Sounds funny isn’t it? But then if we don’t see a deviation from the usual theories, what will the future anthropologists and evolution theorists work on:-) ? Now I am tired of the strain the tab is placing on my eyes and fingers, so I will stop! For the next post, l will use my old faithful laptop because l want to focus more on content and less on how to operate the device :-)!

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