Stillness after the rains

Have you ever noticed the stillness in the morning after it has rained all night? It’s not the same as the calmness before the storm – it is as if nothing more needs to be done, like when you just simply fall asleep, exhausted after a whole night of staying awake. No leaf on the trees seems to be moving – as if they have just lost all their energy completely after swaying all night dancing to the music of the rain! They seemed to be having no control over themselves at night while dancing and neither do they have it now when they are not moving at all – like when your feet start tapping on their own when there is some nice music floating around and they stop when the music stops.
And then gradually, the breeze starts blowing again, the leaves start trembling, the birds start flying and everything is back to life again. It’s like getting back to work, after having paid a few minutes of silent respect to the musician – that is rain. And the longing for it to return stirs in the heart when everything can again get drunk in its music!


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