Of here and there

Being unable to sleep yesterday night, I thought of seeing what the people around the world were writing about. So I started searching for blogs from random places – started with Marakkesh, then Sussex, Prague, Paris, Crete, Napoli …. What did I find?
                 Someone from Marakkesh had posted about the art of dyeing hair with henna – which was quite a routine thing for Moroccan women but unusual for the blogger. From her blog, I reached a blog from someone in Sussex who loves gardening and had posted beautiful pictures of flowers. (But the latest one was of eggshells which she had found buried in her garden – by some animal!). Then reached a blog where a lady from Prague was thinking of changing her location as she had seen whatever there was to see and experience in Prague, being there for six years. Where did I reach next? Ah yes, Crete – someone had started a business there with her husband – there were some posts on the struggle with growing vegetables, and it also directed to a page where you could get rental apartments if you wanted to travel there. Napoli didn’t bring up anything interesting. Paris took me to some chef’s website which I had seen long time back. And I don’t remember now where it was but there was a blog which talked of the list of things that he/she wanted to do – and the interesting one was wielding a broken wine bottle and daring the goons to come closer – full movie style!
          It’s so amazing that the world is so much closer to us now than what it was even fifteen years back. It’s literally on the fingertips – you just need to type. It’s really interesting to see the day to day lives of the fellow human beings around the world through their words. I am so thankful to be alive in this day and time and eagerly awaiting what the next fifteen years are going to bring!

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