RMS Titanic

I have two things to write about and I am wondering which one should I write first. Chronological sequence should have been the logical choice but I am so enveloped in the magic of the second one right now that I will write about that first. That’s settled then.
So I watched Titanic again – this time in 3D and in the theater! Alright I wasn’t able to watch it the first time in the theater – that might sound unbelievable to some people but it’s a hard fact like so many other unbelievable things in life. But I am not complaining – I got to see it in 3D after all. Now the movie has never failed to touch me and you may laugh when I say that I’ve shed tears every time I’ve watched the movie, might have been at different scenes each time but always when the musicians continue to play the music on the decks, despite all the commotion and struggle for life around them. This time was no exception – somehow tear ducts seem to have emotion memory and they open up every time as if on cue!
Now I’ve watched this movie several times and every time I discover some or the other thing which I wouldn’t have noticed before. So what was it this time one may ask. This time it was the dialogue of Guggenheim – “We’re prepared to go down like gentlemen!”. Well he would have said that to make light of a situation so tense. But in general, the pretentiousness of the first class passengers seems shocking – even when death was staring everyone in the face! I wonder if something like that happened in today’s times, how would the behaviour of the people be.
And as I recently read about Kate Winslet being sick of the theme song, I think I understand – even I found it overwhelming this time. I wanted to just not hear it!
The movie for me is not about a love-story but a glimpse into that era – and that I think is the reason I like it. I’ve always wanted to see history – reading is good, but seeing – even if it’s someone else’s imagination – is better.
So until something else comes to bring me out of the magic – I will “go on” with this nice feeling in the heart :-)!08/04/2012
Now that the magic has subsided a bit, let me write about a technicality which bothered me while watching the movie – it seemed that the people looked smaller (like the hobbits?). Could that be because they appeared closer in space due to the 3D effects while the aspect ratio might not have been adjusted with regards to that? So  a few times, I removed my glasses to see how they appeared otherwise just to make sure I was watching characters from Titanic and not the Hobbits from the Lord of the rings :-).
Another thing that annoyed me a little was the constant chitter chatter of the group of people sitting beside me – I really don’t understand – don’t people get enough time to talk that they need to do so even when in a cinema? If you’ve spent so much money, then enjoy watching the movie, why do you need to converse? But the fact stays – common sense is not so common!

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