The Knitting Circle

Yesterday I had gone to buy some grocery – there were no fresh vegetables and I get a bit nervous on seeing the refrigerator without them. I got carried away seeing the fresh produce and later the heavy bag made me contemplate if I really needed that much!  During this “self-reflection” time my eyes wandered to a book shop and my feet took me there. I browsed through some books and a book came into my hand titled “The Knitting Circle”. I sat down and browsed through the first few pages – got hooked and bought it. Finished the whole book yesterday itself – so moving was the story. I seemed to be seeing the story instead of reading it – that’s how nicely it was written!
           It’s a story of a woman Mary who loses her five year old daughter and goes into so much grief that it seems she wouldn’t be able to get out of it. But then like a rescue angel comes Alice who owns a knitting materials shop and also teaches knitting. There is a circle of women (and a man) who knit and they meet every Wednesday at her shop. They don’t talk much but everyone has a tragedy or a struggle and knitting gives them something else to concentrate on and thus, to take them out of their miseries. The book has the story of each one of them and how they become each other’s comfort.
             A quote was written – I guess somewhere in the book – “Grief brings people together more than happiness.” I guess that might be true as they say in hindi “जाके पैर ना फटे बिवाई, ऊ का जाने पीर पराई” –   roughly translated which means “one who hasn’t seen pain himself, he wouldn’t understand someone else’s pain”. And I guess it’s also true that one gets strength from seeing someone else being strong in the face of adversity. It’s kind of infectious – in a good way.
                 Later I read the back cover of the book and it seems it’s more of an autobiographical novel by the author Ann Hood who had lost her own five year old child. 
All in all, it’s a good book and I would specially recommend it for anyone who is going through the pain of loss of someone. 

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