Mind over matter

Two days back I was watching some drama wherein the protagonist is highly skilled at forgery.

That led me to think about the intricacies and expanse of the human mind. 
When man was a cave-dwelling being, then his mind taught him to make tools, hunt animals, discover fire and wheel, domesticate some animals and in case the weather didn’t permit going out of the caves, then spend time doodling on the cave walls!
But then probably he felt enough is enough and he decided to leave the caves and start living in “housing” societies – calling them villages. He observed how things grew from the soil and started farming – while making use of animals for transportation and cultivation. 
Then his mind taught him to move not just on foot but also by carts and boats. This brought about the concept of overseas businesses! 
People started going on voyages guided only by the stars and a compass, leaving the rest on fate! The mind must have stretched to what proportions,  once man discovered new places and new people!
Then probably came art! Alright, art was there already in caves but it was not commercialized – people didn’t pay someone to decorate their caves – at least I don’t know if they had professional cave artists back then!

Coming back to the point, with the rise of money, the mind also started working on how to make more money. (Read somewhere “God made man, man made money, money made man mad!). Probably that’s where forgery must have come into picture! On second thoughts, this “skill” would also have been needed when man understood the concept of “power” – being a ruler or having an influence on the ruler!
Basically, what I am trying to understand here is the evolution of the human mind. This mind is really mind-boggling! When the  needs were basic like food and shelter, then the mind worked to attain those. When the needs became more complex, then this mind started reaching out further. They used to say in Star Trek that the final frontier is space but I guess once that is conquered, the mind will stretch to something beyond even space! Now I’ll let my mind take some rest from all this and pass on the “thinking cap” to you if you don’t mind :-)!

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