Mind over matter

Two days back I was watching some drama wherein the protagonist is highly skilled at forgery.That led me to think about the intricacies and expanse of the human mind. When man was a cave-dwelling being, then his mind taught him to make tools, hunt animals, discover fire and wheel, domesticate some animals and in case the... Continue Reading →

Traveller’s Log: Trier

"I have not told half of what I saw!"...Marco Polo I guess it's the same with all the travellers. The eyes take in so many things but the brain can only retain some of them! So if logs of your travel are not written immediately, you might not remember even half of it! But better late... Continue Reading →

Traveller’s Log: Worms – City of the Niebelungen

The Romans have left their footprints in most of Europe, including Germany. So among the cities still having some ruins of the Roman times, I've passed through Baden Baden, seen most of Ladenburg, and visited Koblenz. Now was the turn of the city of Worms. I think I'd crossed it while going to Koblenz earlier... Continue Reading →

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