Traveller’s Log: The Mosque

There are so many things to write about. But let’s start from where I left.

As mentioned in the list, I got to see a mosque which I hadn’t seen before, even though I had been to that place about five years back. I heard of it for the first time in May this year from a colleague but didn’t get to check it out due to lack of time, even though we were having dinner just outside the place.

So this place is the Schwetzingen castle in Germany. It is mostly visited for its beautifully landscaped gardens, mostly by people from around the place. The garden is beautiful and gives a different picture in different seasons.
I’d visited it for the first time in October 2006. And five years later, I was there again – just by chance,  to see the mosque whose existence was not known to me in my first visit. So how did I come to go there? My dear friend C, came over to my office after work to take me out for dinner. She decided to take me to Schwetzingen and since there was still some daylight left, we decided to take a small walk. And then I remembered the mosque, about which I had heard during my last visit. She affirmed its existence and so we went to check it out.And there it was. We didn’t know of the history then, but on checking on the internet later, I found that this mosque exists since 1780! The website even claims that it is the only 18th century garden mosque which is still in existence, in whole of Europe! However, at the time of seeing it, we were of the opinion that it was made much later and designed so that it fits with the rest of the architecture of the castle – something that is new but made to look old :-)..
Whatever the history, the present state is that it is beautiful, standing in a lovely garden. However, it is not a mosque where prayers are held! I have no clue why was it constructed. Didn’t research on that. Anyways, it was worth a visit. May be the next time you are somewhere there, just by chance like me, and haven’t seen it before, remember to go and take a look :-).
Here’s another view of the mosque with the rising moon visible near the spire. Look closely..

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