The List

The last few days have been so busy that I couldn’t bring myself to write and that has created some backlog of “penning down” the interesting things.

After returning from the office, there’s been just enough time to prepare some dinner and then closing the eyes after going through a few pages of a book. And what seems like a few minutes it’s morning again with the same routine. Somewhat like the movie “Groundhog day” !
Let me try to recall the events one by one but unfortunately all can’t be covered in one post as it’s again late now and I feel like sleeping. 
But I’ll list down the things that I want to write about so that I don’t forget them:
1) Got to see a mosque – which has been constructed such that it appears old to fit in with the castle in which it is – but it’s new and I’m not sure if it’s used for worship or not.
2) Wine tasting experience with some facts about the various aspects of the quality and ways of processing.
3) Some history lessons – Roman architecture 
4) An interesting book about a detective who specializes in “food”!
And I can’t remember anything the mind is now in “snooze” mode! Details would follow ….Z z z..

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