Harry Potter – Final Movie

One needs at least one day to get over the blues after reading a book like the one I finished yesterday. Even after a day, as we say in hindi, “dil mein hamesha ke liye ek kirch rah jaati hai” which means – a shard remains embedded in the heart forever.
                       Nonetheless, I decided to bounce back and what better than to watch the victory of good over evil – thankfully Harry Potter finale was still there in the theaters. So I decided at around 9 am today to book the ticket and go for it. Now I generally haven’t waited that long for a Harry Potter movie (the movie has been in theaters since more than two weeks!) but this time somehow the “muhurt” (the time for a thing to happen) was not getting created. May be someone higher up knew that I’d need this today. So I went ahead and I wasn’t disappointed. (Alright this was the last one of the series so that’s one disappointment).

                           Harry’s final war with Voldemort was captured very well, even if there were some digressions from the book about the events. I watched it in 3D and the effects were quite good (the trick is to sit closer to the screen) – especially the depths of Gringott’s vault – the ride in it has to be the most awesome roller coaster ride that one can imagine :-), the rise of the Ukranian Ironbelly dragon, the presence of death eaters and the attack of nagini. The breaking of Hogwarts walls could have been captured a little better. Emma Watson’s portrayal of Hermione was superb, however I felt Daniel could do a little better in showing the anguish of Harry. But everything put together, I liked watching the movie. The last part where they showed the scene of nineteen years later after the battle was quite funny – to see all these teenager actors as parents :-). May be the director should have used other actors for that scene.
So another saga comes to an end. Wondering what would be the next phenomenon as big as Harry Potter?

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