Sometimes I think how would life have been if there was no music!
Scientists can come up with as many theories as they can think of about the creation of universe and life but what explanation can they give about the effects of music? Alright, they can talk of frequencies and wavelengths but what more? How does music affect us?
            Let’s say there was nothing like music – then with what would have an enamored lover compared the voice of his beloved  – “your voice is like —— to my ears”? How would have someone’s heart (ok, brain if you want) filled with emotions if a sad scene was enacted but with no background —— to support it? How would a Sufi have talked with the unseen? How would a mother have put her child to a peaceful sleep without a lullaby? How would have people found any solace in between the daily grind? Oh there are so many ways in which music affects us that compiling that list itself could have been given to Hercules as one of the 12 tasks !
        Thanks to the internet, now I can explore music from whichever part of world I want and whichever genre I want. In fact, sometimes I stumble upon songs in languages which I don’t understand but the music doesn’t fail to touch somewhere. I feel quite rich in that respect – there are so many beautiful pieces of music created since the time I didn’t even exist and I had no idea about them and I’ve discovered them from the vast depths of the internet! Thanks also to the people who make these pieces available!
I guess the cold has gone to my head and therefore to stop my headache, I’m now going to stop writing and start listening to the music – it’s good that I’ve access to soothing music too!  Until next – enjoy – after all it’s the monsoons – when raindrops are creating their own music!


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