Bollywood Magic

As the world is being swept over by the last magical act of Harry Potter and the gang, I’m getting lost in the magic of bollywood again. That’s a different kind of magic. It brings a smile on the faces, tears in the eyes and songs on the lips of millions of Indians – no matter how troubled or happy they are in their lives. One enters the cinema hall and the magic starts. You just get engrossed in the life of the protagonist and go through all the emotions that he/she is going through in those two/three hours – carefree, happy, sad, angry, in love, betrayed, sense of duty, contentment and above all – hope! You take vicarious pleasure in visiting the places where you wouldn’t even have dreamed of!
             Now you must be wondering why am I writing all this? Today, on the radio I listened to a beautiful song from the 90’s which just took me away to an old time (when the only care in life was passing the exams!). I used to look forward to watching the movies. The new breed of Bollywood movies are made in what they call “contemporary” style. Somehow I don’t feel like watching them – they don’t make you forget the daily humdrum, rather they make you see ugly sides of a lot of things. Why would I pay money to go and watch that!! Aren’t newspapers and news channels doing that job already? I’d rather watch some old movies which still bring a smile!                
        But that’s what I do. Doesn’t mean that others don’t like watching these new kind of movies. May be they feel good that way. After all the movies are made for every taste. But whatever the case, at least the evergreen Bollywood music is something which is still there. So all is not lost yet. As Shakespeare says “if music be the food of love, play on!”. So until I get my hope back, I’ll enjoy the music :-).


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