Angry Birds

What is it about the “Angry Birds” that has made everyone crazy? Is it a stress buster? I find myself so addicted to it since the last few days that it’s become the sole aim of my evenings to annihilate those pigs who laugh so derisively! It is so difficult to pull yourself out of that “poofing” spree. I never played with a real catapult as a child except for those makeshift ones fashioned out of a rubber-band wrapped around fingers, to shoot folded bits of paper at classmates. If my memory is working fine, then I can recall only once having seen a catapult in a classmate’s hands. Nonetheless, that doesn’t stop me from playing with it now in the virtual world!
                  I guess now I understand what Sheldon Cooper and his gang finds so enjoyable in the virtual world games.For the uninitiated, Sheldon is the central character of four nerds in the TV soap “The Big Bang Theory”, who claims – “I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested” :-).
            Coming back to the point, I’m still not sure why this game is so addictive. And the best at this are kids! They seem to be born smart these days!
Chrome angry birds page says that 4,198,723 people on facebook like “Angry Birds”. And there are many more who are equally caught in the frenzy but haven’t yet clicked the “Like” button in facebook!
I guess it’s going to be some time before I either give up or finish all levels. Until then..enjoy!


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