Today finally I gave up my inhibition of making white sauce. Somehow I wasn’t sure how it would turn out if I tried making it myself. But today I just decided to make it and voila – here was my first pasta in white mushroom sauce! And it turned out to be quite good (Modesty isn’t my second name)!
So what spurred the craving? Another memory – or rather two of them – both from Germany – one of 2008 and one of this year. I really am thankful for some wonderful colleagues that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They have given me glimpses of the local life in Germany. As a foreigner, I would generally stick to places and dishes that I know of but when with a local, I can experiment – a guided experiment – as they can translate the menu for me :-)!
So in 2008, I had had gnochhi in a white mushroom sauce and this time, I had crepes with mushroom sauce.
Somehow the taste lingered – believe me – there’s taste memory too. And that’s what guided me in preparing this dish today. I just kept adding things which I felt would bring out a flavor that I’d like.
Until today, I was always making pasta with tomatoes and vegetables and had kinda gotten bored with that. Now I’ve got another option with this successful experiment!
And just in case you are wondering what’s umami – that’s the taste that you get from mushrooms – yes, mushrooms have their own category of taste since that doesn’t fall under sweet, sour, hot, salty or bitter!


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