Of Rotis, Parathas and Roti Pratas

Like it happens often, the neurons start playing “connect the dots” and you are suddenly reminded of something that happened a long time back.

So today I suddenly remembered something that I had had at a Singaporean restaurant in/near Palo Alto, USA.
It was called “Roti Prata”! After years of having rotis and parathas almost everyday in India, if you go to a Singaporean restaurant that combines the two names and calls it a specialty, wouldn’t you feel stumped? In fact it was quite funny to see that on the menu and later I got to know that it is indeed a very popular dish in Singapore. So much for international cuisine :-). At that restaurant, it was served with a yellow colored coconut based gravy in a bamboo cylinder in the center of the plate. Interesting way to serve. 
Well, I guess that my neurons have stopped playing now and I suddenly feel that I’ve got nothing more to write on this topic. So may be I’ll just go and make myself some “roti” or “paratha” – the Indian way and stack back the memory of “roti prata” in it’s corner.

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