Kung Fu Panda – 2

This Sunday morning was reserved for Po and the Furious Five. Yes, I am talking of Kung Fu Panda – 2.

The movie was “Awesome”, as expected (sometimes I feel Po is more American than Chinese 😉 due to his usage of this word).
This time you get to know of the origins of Po and an enemy whose existence he was not even aware of – Lord Shen.
Po’s camaraderie with the furious five is at it’s best, especially with the Tigress. All six of them together this time, but of course, the Panda is the hero – who finds “inner peace” at such a young age, which baffles Master Shifu, who could attain it only so late in his life! And then he uses the strength of this “inner peace” with the tactics of Kung Fu to defeat Lord Shen.
The stunts are great, the dialogs are good, the scenery is nice, also we have a soothsayer who also gives us several chances to laugh. So all in all, as they say it’s “paisa vasool” (total return on investment/value for money, if you didn’t get the phrase)!
Now something on the movie watching experience.
The theater was packed and people were really enthusiastic – clapping and cheering for Po and his friends whenever they bravely encountered Shen and his goons.
I’d never before seen an English animation movie with so much “fanfare”! Even in the Bollywood movies, I haven’t had such an experience since the times of the multiplexes but this Sunday reminded me of the whistles, the clapping, the hooting that were associated with people sitting in the less priced class of cinema halls (the front rows) in the old times 🙂 – who would cheer whenever the hero made his entry!
(For those who don’t know this – until the multiplex trend started, it was a strict no-no for families and ladies to sit anywhere else except the balcony class! The multiplexes started something as classic, silver and gold class – which don’t give any wrong images.)
Coming back to the movie, I would certainly recommend that you go and watch it – if not already done. If there’s a chance to watch in 3-D, then do it. In some scenes you might even involuntarily close your eyes feeling something is going to hit your face :-), which means to say that the 3-D effects are good. 
So here’s three cheers for Kung Fu Panda – 2.

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