Angry Birds

What is it about the "Angry Birds" that has made everyone crazy? Is it a stress buster? I find myself so addicted to it since the last few days that it's become the sole aim of my evenings to annihilate those pigs who laugh so derisively! It is so difficult to pull yourself out of... Continue Reading →


Today finally I gave up my inhibition of making white sauce. Somehow I wasn't sure how it would turn out if I tried making it myself. But today I just decided to make it and voila - here was my first pasta in white mushroom sauce! And it turned out to be quite good (Modesty... Continue Reading →

Of Rotis, Parathas and Roti Pratas

Like it happens often, the neurons start playing "connect the dots" and you are suddenly reminded of something that happened a long time back.So today I suddenly remembered something that I had had at a Singaporean restaurant in/near Palo Alto, USA.It was called "Roti Prata"! After years of having rotis and parathas almost everyday in... Continue Reading →

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