An Evening of Networking

I know I’ve been lagging on this front even though I have a lot of things to write about – like my hiking trip here in Odenwald and also of my solitary trip to Koblenz – I will write about them too – mañana.
For now, I will put down my thoughts about the wonderful evening that I spent in the company of ladies from my organization here in Germany.

I was informed about the networking meeting last week by a friend.The venue was the lobby of the guest-house where I am staying. I was a little apprehensive about going all by myself but then as with other things in life, I decided to give this too a try. And I am glad that I did. I was already informed that the protocol is to get acquainted with at least three women in the group.
So I strode right in – asked the group if it was that networking meeting and introduced myself. By the end of the evening, it wasn’t three but ten dynamic women that I got to know. Most of them are from Germany but I also met one who hails from Ukraine and one who is an Indian but based in Palo Alto!
It was a good mix – in terms of seniority, diversity as well as the kind of work they do in the organization.
I really liked listening to their opinions about their work as well as life in general. One of them even showed a lovely compilation of pictures taken by her and her poetry!
I also liked the way the conversation was free flowing – we didn’t have to make an effort to talk with each other – even though we were complete strangers a while ago. 
I guess that’s destiny – which brings people together – by some force or the other. Alright..I’m getting philosophical again. So getting back on track – I really enjoyed my evening. The meaning of the German greeting “Guten Abend” is quite clear to me now :-).

P.S. Respecting the privacy of the people I met, no names have been quoted.


One thought on “An Evening of Networking

  1. So true also with my European friends , you can talk any topic under the world and you would become the bes of the friends in no time at all ! Your post took me back to my days in Europe !!


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