Travel and Living

Time is the only one who has seen everything. It has seen the humans evolving from nomads to settlers. It has seen them travelling far and wide – reasons are aplenty. The initial traveller moved for survival, then came the stage of travelling to create one’s territory, next came the traders, then religion was born who later married politics and the offspring were politico-religious travellers who wanted to spread their territory as well as religion, later people started travelling for studies, work, health reasons and some travelled simply to ease the restlessness inside them! Then travel came under a new brand – tourism!

In modern times, even if we look superficially,  we find there are predominantly four kinds of travellers.

  • The “Touristy” traveller – one who travels to a place only to see all the major tourist attractions of that place (and to share ten thousand pictures with friends to bore them – including the snaps of public messages at railway station/airport!).
  • The “Working” traveller – one who travels only for work – there is no time for taking a break and looking around.
  • The “Relaxing” traveller – one who travels to take rest – there is no time for rest in his regular life.
  • The “Sick” traveller – one who travels to get healthcare – some specialized medical treatment/surgery – that is also being cashed on under the name of “health tourism”.

Now these categories are for normal people.
There’s one category which I sometimes pity and sometimes envy – the TV show travellers! The ones who get to travel to places and also earn a living out of it! I envy them because they get to see so much around the world. I pity them because after a while, living out of the suitcase week after week can become a tad annoying – but then that’s my opinion – probably they think differently.

Sometimes I think if I had Floo Powder/Apparation skills/Portkeys, I’d go and see so many places – the painful journey part of reaching a place would be so much smaller – and you could go when you wanted to – no planning required!
(For the uninitiated, these are magical modes of travel described in Harry Potter books 🙂 ).

Fantasies apart, I feel thankful for we’ve come a long way from the way our ancestors travelled – months of travelling via boats, carts, on foot! I really wonder what “travel bug” bit people in those days which inspired them to undertake painful and uncertain journeys! On second thoughts, I think it’s the restlessness of being a human – especially inside ones who question existence itself – that inspires the traveller in us – however hard the journey is, there’s the hope of finding something new when it ends. Probably that is what life is about….


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