Whenever I'm in Germany, I get the experience that's called "serendipity" at least once. The word was first used by Horace Walpole, in reference to the Persian story of "The Three Princes of Serendip" (present day Sri Lanka) who used to make discoveries of things which they weren't in the quest of. In present day the... Continue Reading →


"Rio" is yet another cool movie from the makers of "Ice Age"! The plot is good, the direction is good, the "actors" & their "voices" are good and the music is good! What more does one want from a movie? Watching in 3D was an added bonus but the movie is worth watching even in 2D!It's the story of a blue... Continue Reading →

Travel and Living

Time is the only one who has seen everything. It has seen the humans evolving from nomads to settlers. It has seen them travelling far and wide - reasons are aplenty. The initial traveller moved for survival, then came the stage of travelling to create one's territory, next came the traders, then religion was born who later married politics and the offspring were... Continue Reading →

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