Creative videos!

The internet has become all the libraries that one always wanted – books, music, videos, to name the most important ones.
So here’s a collection of some of the creative videos that I stumbled upon on the net.

With the advent of new gadgets, sometimes we suddenly realize that a new thing has sneakily replaced something which was part of a routine.
Here’s a video telling you why the ipad cannot replace the good old newspaper :-).

Another good one is from BBC about a man wondering why his blackberry is not working!

Then there’s this really funny one about performance appraisals at offices (probably more relevant for the IT industry!)

This is an old one – has been doing the rounds at least since the last ten years. I’d received it as an attachment long time back and lost it’s here sounds of different types of motorbikes.

Enjoy these..I’ll be back with more later..


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