Words of Wisdom

Some wise person said – “The best way to overcome a temptation is to yield to it”. I know what he/she meant. I’m on vacation in my hometown and there are so many tempting delicacies around. It’s not that when I’m at work, there are lesser things, but when vacatioing at the place where one has spent a significant duration of one’s life,  the charm is nostalgic!
So today when I was out shopping, the aroma of the street food was tantalising my senses with such a familiarity which one would think almost hypnotic!
I was, as expected, tempted and following the wise words, succumbed to the temptation. It really felt good having those savouries.
It was a hot day here – as it used to be earlier, it was a crowded market – again as it used to be earlier, the manner of the people was “Lucknawi” – the same as it used to be earlier – everything appeared to be same so much that it feels like the Matrix – only the faces change every time I come here, but then who’s complaining? If things that pleased the senses before, still feel pleasant, then who cares if they are inside the matrix or outside!

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