Puzzling thoughts!

Since ancient times, humans have been fascinated by mysteries – the more unsolvable, the more the fascination. Look at the number of theories around the existence of universe, evolution, God, ancient civilizations, aliens…the list is endless. But personally, I am fascinated by what others may call to be of more mundane nature. Some of them are because of some really creative people! So here’s my list to begin with –

1) How can superheroes have flowing capes and robes and still be nimble enough to dodge all the lasers and fight their way through?

2) How do the heroes manage to stay dapper after fighting the villains with all kinds of weapons, driving in/on top of vehicles and running all the races (in the deserts, mountains, traffic congested roads!)?

3) When, why and how did the humans learn to cook and use all kinds of fancy stuff for making things while all the other animals just didn’t bother?

4) Do fishes cry? Then one could say that they “float” in their sorrow (as compared to humans who are said to “drown” in their sorrow)!

5) Why do you tend to encounter things that you dislike? Like house lizards…

6) Do other animals also believe in some Gods? Or that’s just a side-effect of an “over-evolved” animal called human?
I guess that must have planted the seed and you must also be getting some questions now..happy musing!


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