Creative videos!

The internet has become all the libraries that one always wanted - books, music, videos, to name the most important ones.So here's a collection of some of the creative videos that I stumbled upon on the net.With the advent of new gadgets, sometimes we suddenly realize that a new thing has sneakily replaced something which was part of a routine.Here's a... Continue Reading →

Words of Wisdom

Some wise person said - "The best way to overcome a temptation is to yield to it". I know what he/she meant. I'm on vacation in my hometown and there are so many tempting delicacies around. It's not that when I'm at work, there are lesser things, but when vacatioing at the place where one has spent a significant duration of one's life,... Continue Reading →

To speak or not to speak – that’s the question!

Even though I've never been a student of Anthropology but then I didn't know as a child that my curiosity about other cultures, languages and the overall human race is what is called "Anthropology" by academicians. By the time I came to know of this word, I was already recruited by the "Scientific" world of Physics and Chemistry. Nonetheless, now I know... Continue Reading →

Puzzling thoughts!

Since ancient times, humans have been fascinated by mysteries - the more unsolvable, the more the fascination. Look at the number of theories around the existence of universe, evolution, God, ancient civilizations, aliens...the list is endless. But personally, I am fascinated by what others may call to be of more mundane nature. Some of them are because of some really creative people! So here's my list to begin... Continue Reading →

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