Relatively happy

While thinking about some social events, a thought just crossed my mind – probably human beings are the only species who take pleasure in the misery of others! Else why would Shelly have said, “Our sweetest songs are those which tell of the saddest thoughts”? Or why would “tragedy” be the most applauded form of drama? Or just look at your simple life – when exactly would you be happy with having a small car? Not when you are driving to work in comfort but when you see someone packed in a public bus!
I was also reminded of an advertisement for a television brand which used to run a long time ago – the tagline was “Neighbor’s envy, owner’s pride”. That gives me another conclusion – one is not proud of one’s accomplishments/possessions unless there’s someone envious of those things!
So to summarize, it seems to me that humans are not programmed to be happy until they see someone in, what they consider, a poorer state than them!
Why is that? Does a bigger brain has this side-effect? But then I wonder what makes an elephant happy! Any thoughts?

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