Never Say Never

Now what is one supposed to do when down with cold? I mean besides having tea, sleeping, groaning, looking around for more tissues, taking up a book to read but keeping it down now and then, to plug the leaking nose and so on and so forth..

Finally I gave up the struggle for reading the book and decided to watch a movie that I’ve had with me for quite a long time. (That way the hands are free to clean up the leaky nose!). And that’s how I watched the new “The Karate Kid” – the one with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. Now I have also seen the old ones with the master Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) – the 1984 with protagonist Daniel (Ralph Machhio) and 1994 one with Julie (Hillary Swank). One thing that stood out was the fact how times have changed – the earlier two movies had teenagers as the protagonists while this one had a 12 year old struggling with the same problems! The pressure is certainly high on kids these days!
I’d liked the earlier two movies and therefore was having a certain expectation with this remake. And I must say I was impressed. The movie is well made, with Jaden acting superbly well (the genes haven’t gone for a waste 🙂 ). It was a surprise to see Jackie Chan in such a serious role of Mr. Han who is fighting his own demons, and himself learning a lesson about life from Dre (Jaden) while teaching him Kung Fu.
The best part was the ending – when the bullies who had been roughing up Dre, end up admiring him and his teacher Mr. Han after the tournament. His opponent Cheng himself hands him the trophy and the team bows to Mr. Han, leaving behind their villainous teacher!

My recommendation – watch the movie yourself if haven’t done so yet. It’s worth it!


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