New Year’s here

So, it’s one day past the new year here. And here I am – wondering what’s different this year? Let me see what I did –

  • Met some new people, besides the old friends..
  • Had chinese food on the evening of 1st Jan.
  • Didn’t go to watch the customary (a self made custom) movie on the 1st day of the year..oh wait, let me think about this – ok didn’t go to watch it in the theater but watched one at my friend’s home theater! So I guess even though I tried to break it, the tradition still continues!
  • Started watching another sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”..
  • Didn’t send out any cards – e or paper ones..
  • Lost around 10 pool matches, before beginning to finally win – but then it was time to leave..
  • Oh yes..had a different breakfast than the usual – with two items on the plate!
  • ………..

May be there are some more things that I might have forgotten between yesterday and today..but I have a feeling that the year’s going to be pretty exciting and will bring in more new experiences with each passing day. Until next..have a great new day!


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