The Magic of Harry Potter

Finally got to watch the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – I.
Now I am quite a fan of the series – books as well as the movies but somehow I didn’t like the movie adaptation of the Half Blood Prince. However, the latest one is back on track. Even though the story has been changed at a few places (could be necessary for movie adaptations) but that doesn’t seem incongruent.
The main storyline is the same as in the book.
It was a little annoying to listen to some guy behind me, loudly explaining to his friend what’s happening, but thankfully he was not incorrect or else I might have had to interfere!
There was another couple who’d brought their toddler who got scared as soon as Nagini opened her mouth to swallow Charity Burbage with a loud background music. It was a natural reaction but then who’d asked them to bring a baby along! Finally after about 15 minutes of wailing, they got the brainwave of taking the scared child outside the hall.
Despite all this (and having to tell a guy to stop tapping on the back of my seat), I enjoyed the movie. Waiting eagerly for part II get released, while also saddened that it would end the series. Nonetheless…

P.S.These days I am also intrigued by finding a musical piece of Beethoven’s cropping up everywhere – even in this movie! Are the heavens trying to tell me something?


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