Live in studio!

Yesterday I interviewed a VP from SAP at the SAP TechEd Live studio (and later in the afternoon I was part of a panel discussion at the same studio).

The experience took me back by 16-17 years when as a student, I was called into the studio at the All India Radio. There were some educational programs broadcasted for students and we used to do some role plays. There’d be a teacher around which there would be about three students going through some lessons which were explained by the teacher and we were supposed to ask questions. So students had to play the role of students only – nothing difficult :-).
We used to spend almost the whole day for every recording – sometimes the studio was not free, some other times the teacher would be late…you see as a student in standard 7th, I was not privileged enough to have my time respected – they just assumed we had all the time in the world to spend the whole day there!
However annoying that was, in retrospect I feel that the exposure was good. These kind of exposures adds to building your confidence
(They also paid the students a sum of Rs. 100/- per recording – which was not that big an amount but nonetheless gave the feeling of having earned something ourselves!)
I wonder if they have these kind of programs now – may be I should tune-in sometime and check for myself!

Until next..have fun!


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