Weirdly wired

Human life is full of ironies. When we are small, our biggest desire is to grow up and once we do, we want to be small again (or at least don’t want to grow up any further)!
I am writing this post in quite a state of panic. I don’t know if it’s only me or there are others like me, who in general keep a good memory but are at a loss in remembering the user-ids / passwords for the multitude of websites in the parallel universe called the internet! Sometimes it has happened that I’ve logged in to a website yesterday and today I just can’t seem to remember any details about the user-id or the password. It’s a complete blank. Is some wiring in the brain going wrong that the connection (circuit) between the website and user-id is not getting complete? Or is it simply a case of tripping due to overload?
As kids, we were given almonds to nourish the brain. I guess it’s time to start that routine once more so that it can handle more load! Until next, take care.

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