Celebrating Diversity at Office

Today we were celebrating Diversity Day at office. There are so many different cultures in India and office is one of the places wherein we get the chance of meeting people from all around the country.
So yesterday afternoon, a few of us got together and on a whim decided to have a breakfast comprising a dish brought by each of us (ok each of us who know how to cook / have someone who can cook at their home). So in a team of seven, four of us agreed to bring at least one home cooked breakfast item. One of the team-mates was ready to take the challenge to the next level – so she prepared two items!

So while one colleague helped his mom in preparing Poori-Bhaaji (Andhra style), another gave “moral support” to his mom and wife while they prepared mungaudis (lentil fritters). The two ladies – who handled the battle on their own – with no-one to help – prepared cutlets (yours truly) and sooji halwa (sweet made out of semolina) and gobhi paranthas (cauliflower stuffed flat bread). So today it reminded me of the picnics that I used to have while in school, wherein everyone brought in delicacies from their homes and shared with the other kids. Simple joys of life can’t be measured – they just have to be experienced. I hope everyone at the table enjoyed the Break”Feast” as much as I did. Let’s see when’s the next one :-).

Oh yes..here’s a picture of the mini feast:

The Break”Feast”

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