Khansama restaurant at the UB City Mall baking so far..but I roasted cashews in the oven. So far so good.

By the way, I forgot to mention a joint treat by some colleagues at a place called Khansama in UB city. Seems like most of the restaurants in Bangalore belong to the BJN group. In the last two months, I’ve been to two others belonging to the same group – IndiJoe and Samarkand. IndiJoe’s has a totally different ambience – quite a variety of sizzlers and a good place for guzzlers! Samarkand has the theme of Afgahnistan (even though the city of Samarkand is in Uzbekistan) – the menu is presented in the form of a newspaper and drinks menu is on the label of a bottle! I guess I have mentioned it before, but just repeating it for continuity here – the last time that I went there was about 4 years back and I didn’t like the vegetarian food that much. But this time, the vegetarians also had a good time.

Now to Khansama, another place for Indian cuisine. It took some time to reach that place on a Thursday evening but once there, it was a good evening.

The ambience – there were animal heads (bison,tiger..) on the walls (alright fake heads but the skin on them appeared real..can’t say!). There were swords and there were guns and also a painting of a king in his court.

The food – The vegetarian food was alright – we had some paneer dish, some potato and a veg seekh kabab for starters. The roasted corn soup was also good and I’d like to try the recipe. For the main course, there was a mushroom dish, adraki gobhi (cauliflower), dal and some kind of kofta. They were alright but the naans were a little chewy – I had better one at Samarkand. However, one of the hard-core non-vegetarians didn’t like the food from the start. Don’t know whether the others liked it or not but they were not complaining. The rasmalais in the dessert was alright..of course not the “melt in your mouth” ones but good taste. But the gulab jamuns were not that great. One interesting thing was the stuffed dates served at the end of the meal – they were stuffed with the things one puts in a sweet paan (gulkand, saunf etc..) and served on a bed of crushed ice in a box.

The conclusion – If you like Indian cuisine, you have one more place that you can go if in the mood to spend. Not extraordinary but an overall good place.


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