Finally after eight years

Finally today, I had the so famous kulfi at the Bowring stall – beside the Bowring Institute on St. Mark’s road .
I had read about this place since a long time and passed by the place several times while going towards Commercial Street but never had a chance to stop and taste the kulfi for myself. However, today as fate would have it – my friend and I were in an auto, we passed by the place and I had the thought for a fleeting second and all of a sudden, the auto waala stopped at the petrol bunk beside the Bowring club for the fuel. There was a long queue and I mentioned this stall to my friend. We disembarked, saw the queue and and she went to get the kulfis for the two of us. All of it happened so quickly – no time to think :-). Sometimes things should be done on impulses, without thinking too much (e.g. about calories et al in this particular case). And as it had to be, I came to know on the afternoon of the 12th of September 2010 why that kulfi is so famous. It is soft – not “icy”, with the right amount of sweetness and very creamy with lots of pistachios. So now the place has my vote too for one of the best kulfis in Bangalore :-)..Try it..


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