Of busy weekdays and busier weekends

Of late I’ve been so busy at work that didn’t get the time to do anything else. Today waiting for something hence the time to “pen” a few words.

Yesterday night, there was a rare celestial event – Mars being visible so close to the moon. I am so glad that I have this great camera that can take decent pictures of the night sky.
I am not sure if it’s the effect of the closeness of Mars to the earth, that I was getting a little more temperamental than usual (I’m an Arien, for those who didn’t know until now, which is rules by the planet Mars as per astrology/mythology/…).
Whatever the reason may be, yesterday I was feeling angry at a lot of things since morning and by the afternoon I was in such a sullen mood that I decided to return home early and calm down before I say things which I shouldn’t.
So after reaching home, I chatted a little with my neighbor about all sorts of things except work, we had some tea and I felt a lot better. Talking with a friend really works wonders. Thank God for people who can bring a smile to the face, however bad the mood is!
Thereafter, I connected to the office network for completing some pending work. I am convinced now that with a calm mind, things that don’t appear to have any solutions before, start looking a lot less intimidating.
Then there was a plan for a team outing and the colleagues asked if I could join them, then they’d pick me up from home on the way. I agreed and we went to a restaurant called Samarkand. The theme is Afghani (though Samarkand is a city in Uzbekistan 🙂 ). This restaurant is on Infantry Road, near Commercial Street. It’s non-vegetarian food is quite famous. I’d been there abut four years back and didn’t relish the vegetarian stuff then. So this time I was a little reluctant when the colleagues had decided on this place but it was a pleasant surprise that even the vegetarian dishes were quite good this time. Only spoiler was a piece of chilli that I’d chewed by mistake and then had sugar, sweet chutney, ice cube, water – one after the other in a desperate attempt to put off the chilli-fire on my tongue!  After a while it was soothed and then again I could start getting the taste of things :-).So amidst laughter, good conversation and generally cheerful atmosphere, we had our dinner and the evening was well spent.
Now when I reached home, then I remembered that it was the 27th of August and a friend had forwarded a mail few days back with the information of Mars getting very close to earth. The mail also mentioned that the next time this would happen in the year 2287! So I immediately grabbed my camera and went to the terrace to capture the moment. So as you can see below, there is a spherical object near the moon – that’s Mars! You can see bigger pictures by clicking on the link here.
That’s all in a day’s work..until the next story..

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